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Interested in joining Radius Crew as we travel the United States directing Radius Camp mission weeks to students across the country?

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Radius Crew is equal parts servant-leadership training and gospel-driven discipleship. Crew members join the Radius Camp Staff as we tour the country and direct our mission camps to students all over the United States. While on Crew you will be surrounded by peers who desire to grow in God’s kingdom, and these friendships will aid you in life and in faith for the rest of your life. 

As part of the Radius Crew, you will be challenged with much of the behind-the-scenes work of camp: cooking, cleaning, facility set-up, tear down, and helping in all areas of camp. Crew members will also be charged with leadership roles for select camp programming: Arena Games, kitchen duties, and worship services. We call Crew a ‘servant-leadership experience’ because through this summer-long adventure you will transition from a disciple who primarily receives into a disciple who serves that others may receive. 

For those who want to grow and lead in God’s kingdom, Radius Crew will provide you with a deep look into the values, the faith, and the ongoing spiritual formation effort of the men and women who lead this ministry. Our world is starving for true leaders, and we are confident that Radius Crew will equip you for leadership as a life-long disciple of Jesus.  

Crew FAQs

General Questions:

What are the age requirements for Crew?
Rising High School Seniors and College Students

How long is the commitment?
Monday, June 5th through Saturday, July 29th.

Are there any breaks?
We have a break week from Saturday, June 24th – Sunday July 2rd. There will be a staff retreat option for you if you are able to stay with our team during this time, but you are also welcome to coordinate travel to see family and friends during our week off. Any travel will be at your expense.

What if I can’t commit to the entire summer?

We are always looking to have students who can do 1 week or 2 week internships throughout the summer. Even if you can’t do the whole summer, apply if you are at all interested. We will work our best to involve all those that apply and are accepted.
What do I need to bring?
– Radius will provide a twin size air mattress & sheets.  Bring your own pillow.
– $300 ($250 for meals while on the road, $50 for extras)
– Work clothes, close-toed shoes
– Bible, pen, journal
– Healthy snacks
– Sun screen, water bottle
– Toiletries, towel, soap, shampoo and conditioner


How are Crew members compensated?
Radius will cover all your expenses between Monday and Friday of each week. Our goal is to make this as close to an ‘expense-free’ experience as we can. That being said, we estimate you will need $300 to cover your meals, snacks, and extras while we’re on the road. We estimate there are 9 days throughout the summer that you will cover your own meals. Radius will cover all meals and lodging for Crew that elect to stay with the Radius Staff during the break. Crew members are responsible for arriving in Nashville by June 6th, and arranging for travel home on August 1st.

As a way of appreciating our returning Crew members, in addition to all the same provisions outlined above, all 2nd-Year Full Summer Crew members are compensated $166/camp week.


How does transportation work?
Radius provides all transportation to-and-from camp locations throughout the summer. Crew members are responsible for arriving in Nashville on Monday, June 5th and arranging transportation home on Saturday, July 29th. The Radius Camp Staff travels in a caravan when traveling between camp locations each weekend.

Additional Details on transportation:
We are sensitive to the fact that Crew will be traveling to Nashville from all over the country. We are happy to coordinate airport pickup from Nashville Airport (BNA), MegaBus pickup, or pick you up from any other means of travel. If you plan to drive to Nashville we will make arrangements for you to leave your car in the city during our time away.

During our time off you are welcome to spend this break wherever you choose. This will be a great time to visit family or friends around the country. If you elect to stay with the Radius Staff, we will be spending the break together. Radius will provide meals and lodging throughout the break for Crew that elect to stay with the Radius Staff. All Crew need to be back in Nashville by July 2nd. We are happy to coordinate pick-ups from all means of transportation. If you elect to travel during the break you are responsible for all your travel plans and expenses. Please note that our team will not be returning directly to Nashville after we finish our Charlotte camp, and if you decide to travel please make plans to depart from Charlotte on Friday, June 30th after 3pm.

After our final week of camp, we will return to Nashville on July 28th, and all Crew are responsible for arranging travel home by July 30th. We will arrange accommodations for July 28th, and we are happy to coordinate drop offs for all means of transportation on the night of the 29th or 30th. If you would like to depart on the 28th we plan to be back in Nashville by 10pm.

Application Process:

Our online application is available from September 1st through Februrary 1st.

Applying for Crew is a simple 3-step process:

  1. All candidates must complete our online application form.
  2. Upon receiving your application we will coordinate two interviews between you and a Radius director.
  3. Finally, all candidates must submit at least one pastoral reference.

Candidates will be notified of placement by mid March.

Full Summer Schedule:

The full summer schedule for Crew will be announced soon.