God is a missionary God. All of history, right up to this moment, he has been on a mission to reclaim the entire world for himself, to save people from all tribes, all tongues, all nations. When we read the Bible, we hear this reality proclaimed through a grand story that is not so much about man trying to find God, but of God coming to man. How amazing is it that this glorious God comes to seek and save the lost. Because of the missional pursuit of Jesus, We are now “the people whom God has loved, chosen, redeemed, shaped and sent into the world in the name of Christ.” We are his missionary people, and we must live out this mission with urgency, as we await the day when Jesus will return to make all things right and complete the mission to the glory of his Father.



3-4:00pm Camp Check-In
5:00pm Dinner & Leaders’ Meeting
5:30pm Orientation
6:00pm Arena Game
7:30pm Evening Worship
9:00pm Church Group Time
10:00pm Late Night Snack
10:30pm Lights Out

Tuesday - Thursday:

6:30am Showers Open
7:45am Morning Devotion
8:00am Leaders’ Breakfast (1 leader/group)
8:15am Student Breakfast & Leaders’ Meeting
8:45am Morning Worship
9:15am Vans Leave For Mission Sites
3:00pm Vans Return: Showers / Free Time
5:00pm Dinner
6:00pm Arena Game
7:30pm Evening Worship
9:00pm Church Group Time
10:00pm Late Night Snack
10:30pm Lights Out


7:00am Wake Up/Pack Up
7:45am Breakfast
8:15am Campus Clean-Up
9:00am Morning Worship
10:00am Groups Depart